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hello I wish I had found this forum BEFORE the local election yesterday! I have been quizzing various LIb Dem officials about certain things by email including Vince Cable about national issues and getting no reply at all! I have helped last 2 weeks to deliver Lib Dem leaflets etc and was in support of you until a question arose in my mind about the issue of the local sports centre..tell me what's that all about? I used to take fee paying international pupils to the Paradise just 6 years ago for sports and it was perfectly good then..why do we need a new one? When my husband and I came here over 10 years ago were were amazed that Ely has so many sporting and recreational facilities for such a small rural place. Rugby, swimming, football, hockey club, playing fields, golf, sports centre and the more recent basketball court etc etc. I sent a question to my local councillor and got no reply. On the strength (or weakness) of this I did not put myself out to vote....I did not feel well informed enough to make a decision so I did not cast a vote and I know many people who felt the same way. I will not support any party unconditionally. I observe the LD worked tremendously hard this year footslogging and posting but they failed to qualify their statements to me..very sorry but if you've lost its your own fault.